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Etatpur Salicylic Acid 2% 15ML

Etatpur Salicylic Acid 2% 15ML

A genuine SOS treatment thanks to its high concentration (maximum dose allowed in cosmetics), this pure active reduces nascent and established facial pimples in just a few days.


• Reduces blemishes through exfoliation
Thanks to its keratolytic action, this pure active stimulates cell renewal and helps eliminate dead cells accumulated on the skin’s surface. Visibly reduces blemishes upon appearance while refining skin texture.

• Unblocks pores and refines skin texture
Unclogs and tightens pores to visibly reduce the appearance of blemishes and blackheads.

This active ingredient is dosed to ensure the best efficacy without overstipping your skin. Ultra-targeted, it penetrates exactly where your skin needs it.

How to Use?

Our recommendation: use daily as a localised acne treatment for pimples and blackheads. May be used until the condition of the skin visibly improves.

In the evening, before applying your moisturising cream (do not mix).

Apply exclusively to affected facial areas, avoiding the eye contour area. Apply to dry, thoroughly cleansed skin.

Squeeze the base of the bottle and apply the following amount directly to facial skin:
- 1 drop for a few isolated pimples,
- or 2 drops to each area of particular concern (forehead, nose).

May also be applied locally to other affected areas of the body (back, cleavage, etc.).


Lightweight facial cream formulated with powerful bioactive and probiotic ingredients such as coffee extracts, natural hyaluronic acid and Gigartina Stellata algae extracts. Quickly absorbed, it nourishes, plumps, and protects against external aggressions altering skin’s radiance. Non-greasy, it leaves a soft, velvety and luminous skin and provides nutrients needed for dry and tired skin. The natural freshness of its texture and fragrance-free formula respect sensitive skin.


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